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MGCK Music  began some years ago in San Francisco as an idea for a fledgling film production company. I had initially wanted to name the company ‘Magick Productions’. After a little research it was discovered the name 'Magick' had already been taken in California and was used by a manufacturer of industrial toilet flushing systems. Deciding the concept of my dreams going down the pan was too close to the bone, I shortened the name to MGCK and discovered, surprisingly, that no one had registered that name for any otherwise unappetising industrial processes or for any other business concerns at all. Over the years, the film company concept faded into an underlay of life’s more rudimentary demands and yet the name stayed with me. When I returned to the UK I thought to use the name for my own music publishing and as a result have finally begun on the long road to evolving the website.

I have asked certain individuals to preview the site to discover general responses to it. The only complaint so far has been: 'you didn't mention me anywhere.' Sorry about that, but as I state elsewhere on these pages:

"The internet is a 'public' place so I have declined the urge to go into greater detail about the persons I have known and, in most instances, have simply not mentioned them. I feel it is best to leave out as much personal information regarding other individuals as possible."

So, if you're looking for saucy tales of celebrities behaving badly, forget it.

I've never been a name dropper, a celebrity watcher or a groupie. If the people I've known and 'brushed by' in my life, i.e. through the social order I grew up in, or have since been acquainted with personally or through other friends, were what you might call 'famous' or socially well-placed or even 'interesting', their names will not appear here, unless they are integral to the biography and actually influenced my life and/or direction. i.e. you will see nothing about Stephen Hawking and/or 'black holes' on these pages, although, I suppose, a black hole very much could influence the direction of our lives. (Shame about the 'Beagle'.)

Even if your name and your interests are not mentioned, I hope you find something to enjoy within these pages. They are designed with utter and complete devotion to the subject matter.

Best wishes and regards,


Electrasong & MGCK Music Ltd